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We are proud to announce that Blue Princess Beach Hotel and Suites has recently concluded the project of an extensive renovation of its rooms and common areas. The renovating procedures began late winter 2016 and were successfully completed on 25/04/2017, in time for our guests to make the most of their stay with us upon their arrival.
The new look of our rooms follows a modern approach in decoration style and the rooms are equipped with mini fridge and Satellite TV. At the pool-side, our guests can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, lying on the sun-bed for as long as they wish and free of charge or have their drinks at the pool bar.
We are looking forward to hosting our guests at our renovated facilities, offering the same familiar Greek hospitality; as far as that goes, certainly nothing has changed here at Blue Princess Beach Hotel and Suites. Treating our guests with the best of care remains our top priority.
A 4star hotel, the Blue Princess Beach Hotel and Suites, offers the finest in Greek hospitality and is an excellent choice for a memorable holiday in Corfu island.

UPDATE: As of 2018, Blue Princess Beach Hotel and Suites will have concluded yet another overall renovation. Please find below some photo-realistic images to get an idea.

Photo-realistic images